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Tiger Balm

Originally from the Chinese medicine, Tiger balm is known and used for thousands years in Asia. Tiger Balm is made with various medicinal plants to relieve the pain. It is used in external application in the form of ointment, oil, lotion or patch. Successful and efficient, this balm is used by millions of persons in more than 100 countries.

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Tiger Balm Products

 - White, Red & Soft Tiger Balm
 - Medicated Plaster Warm, Cold & Back Pain Patch
View our products - Tiger Neck & shoulder
 - Tiger Liniment
 - Tiger Muscle Rub
 - Kwan Loong Oil

Distributed only on Internet, you can discover the real Tiger balm made accordingly with the authentic and ancestral methods only base on natural products. This ointment also serves for relieving  migraines,  muscular pains,  insect bites as well as to loosen respiratory tracts.

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